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Our mission was to find keto fat foods for the new season. Our mission was successful, but a few things were missed. This led to some interesting conversations with our family, some of which we are going to share here. You will have to forgive a few slip ups, because as a military wife, we had very little experience in communications, let alone being able to plan, or even understand what conversations should be about. We are only sorry that we did not learn more about preparing our own keto foods sooner!

Yes, the paleo diet infographic is right: We did not learn enough about the importance of the key fat foods before we made the mistake of eating the wrong ones. We were relying on ”oil” as our main source of nourishment. Oil is good for cooking, but it certainly is not the answer for our nutrition needs. We learned that there are other alternatives, and that replacing our regular breakfast with one of the paleo diet’s replacements shakes was the best thing we could do. We are going to share a few of those in this article.

We also learned that it was okay to use high fat foods like butter and eggs to replace our regular breakfast. The problem was, we still were using calories from the ”bad” carbs. We quickly discovered that our attempts at losing weight would not work if we continued down this road. Our weight loss pills were effective, but they were not going to get us into shape on our own. It was only going to be temporary.

Back, to the drawing board. We needed to take a look at how we were going to change our lives around, if we were going to lose the weight that we wanted. Our family was fine, but we knew that our eating was not our only downfall. We realized that we needed to find a way to change our lifestyles around and follow a Ketogenic diet lifestyle. This was the Keto Fat Foods List that we came up with.

This keto foods list replaced the ”medicine” for us and helped us make the transition much easier. It gave us the ammunition to become the ”army” of nutrition that we were looking for. It was by far the most comprehensive resource available.

It was a great feeling to suddenly see that our ”army” was now ready to hunt down the next prize, rather than sitting around doing nothing. Our ”nutritionist” had helped us to identify all of our favorite places that had good low carb breakfast and snacks in them, and that now was the time to do some research. We realized that we did not need to buy more books or ebooks, and we could find the information we needed from the Keto Fat Foods List. This Keto Diet Food List had it all!

Now, it was about time we changed our approach and made our first trip to the grocery store. First we had to make sure that we had roger froya in the house. If we did not, we were going to be out of luck, because Roger froya is very high in calories and carbohydrates. But the Keto Fat Foods List had roger froya as well, which meant that we could have an extra meal replacement and not spend another nickel on it!

The best diet resource that we found for high calorie count and low carb meal replacements was ”The Pocket Guide To Total Fitness,” which can be found at our sports store. We also looked into ”Burn the fat, feed the muscle” by Rob Nevins and ”The Art of Eating Well,” which were two eBooks that complimented our work on the Keto Diet. Once we had those great resources, we made sure that we incorporated the information we found in each of them, as well as some of the books that came with the Keto Diet Food List. This gave us a complete nutritional menu for our family, which met all our needs!

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